Alpha PhiAlpha Phi’s enjoy a sincere sisterhood throughout college and in every stage of their lives. This is definitely true within our Theta Phi chapter at CNU. By joining a sorority, you gain a support system of sisters who will be there for you in the good times and bad. In Alpha Phi, you form life-long friendships, a family away from home. You will always have a study buddy, a dinner date, a roommate, or a friend. The value of our sisterhood is knowing that you have not one, but over one hundred women supporting you throughout your college experience.
Theta Phi enjoys many sisterhood activities throughout the year because we love spending time with one another to create lasting memories. Sisterhood activities throughout the school year include: movie nights, craft nights, pumpkin carving, ropes course, rock climbing, pottery painting, haunted ghost tours, sisterhood beach retreats, athletic events, chapter dinners and more! Some of the best memories for an Alpha Phi are the day she receives her big sister, her initiation week, and a farewell senior banquet. We are always looking for creative new ways to have fun together!